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Physician Credentialing

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  • We specialize in crafting custom mobile Applications tailored to your unique business needs. So, if you have an iOS, Android, or cross-platform app, our team has the knowledge to build it into A superior, feature-rich solution that matches your target audience. 


  • When designing your mobile app, we focus on making it visually appealing and easy to use so users have a good and enjoyable experience.


  • Our approach to development is agile: That is, we prioritize flexibility, transparency and consistent performance to Skillfully design an app that meets your evolving needs.

Testing and Quality Assurance

We­ make sure that your mobile app is properly functional in terms of performance and security through our top-notch testing and quality assurance processes. We­ put it through intense checkups to make it reliable and easy to use for a better user experience.

We guide our clients through the process of App Store submissions, ongoing maintenance, and updates to ensure a successful launch and ongoing optimization of the mobile app for improved performance and user satisfaction.

If you are a startup looking to penetrate into the market or an established business looking to expand your digital presence, our Mobile App Development Services enhance your success in the mobile space. Contact us today to discuss your mobile app vision and take the first step towards creating a compelling mobile experience for your audience.

What Novita Offers

We start with the first step and collect all the required information and documents to file applications. The information and documents are provided by the provider or practice. The documentation requirements vary from payer by payer.


New Credentialing

  •  Medicare Individual Credentialing
  • Medicare Group Credentialing
  • Individual providers benefit reassignment to group
  • Medicaid Individual Credentialing
  • Medicaid Group Credentialing
  • Individual and Group Credentialing with Commercials

Contracts Creation and Maintenance

  • New Group/Individual Practitioner contracts

  • Adding / Deleting providers in the existing contract

  • Adding/Deleting location in the current contract

  • Adding / Deleting plan types ( Line of Business ) in the current contract

CAQH Attestation

  • CAQH application filing

  • CAQH quarterly attestations

  • Expirations and Renewals

  • The tracking expiry date for State DEA License, Board certificate, and Malpractice Insurance


Provider Data Maintenance – Update Management on Payer Systems

  • Provider demographic update in payers file. 
  • Provider directory maintenance on payer websites. 
  • EFT/ERA enrollments

Tracking and Analytics

  • Maintaining a repository of provider’s credentialing documents
  • Maintaining Contracting agreements
  • Tracking credentialing dates, expiration, and alerting dates to initiate credentialing processes
  • Working with the denials team to understand if there are any claim denials due to credentialing issues

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Physician Credentialing FAQs

It helps to ensure that healthcare facilities only contract with qualified and competent physicians to provide patient care.

Physician information such as education, training, work history, license, and insurance details are typically required for credentialing.

They streamline the credentialing process, reduce administrative burdens, ensure compliance with regulations, and provide a secure and centralized database of physician information.

Hospitals, clinics, private practices, and other healthcare facilities use physician credentialing services to manage the credentialing process for their contracted physicians.