Revenue Cycle Management

Our expertise in complete revenue cycle management can be an invaluable boon to your financial performance sanctioning you to focus your clinical acumen without the business distractions. Collect more without doing any of the heavy lifting.

Navigate Through Change

As the ever-changing complex legislative mandates continue to challenge your staff with compliance adherence and incentive programs, our specialty-specific billing experts help you collect more while taking care of compliance requirements.

Extend your Team

Whether you are medical practice trying to see more patients, add more providers, or a medical billing service trying to expand business, you can scale with ease. Our pole of fully trained staff, ready to be a helping hand in your growth.

What We Do

The complexity of the revenue cycle management has exploded over the past decades. So bringing expertise to complete revenue cycle management can be an invaluable boon to your financial performance, sanctioning you to focus your clinical acumen without the business distractions.

Our experts manage the complete revenue cycle to help you collect more without doing any of the heavy lifting.

Medical Billing Services

Why Novita?

Novita Management Services reduces the Medical Billing cost up to 80% and improves revenue cycle of the practice.

Higher Clean Claim Rate

Our team scrubs each and every claim for CCI, LCD, NCD, and MUE edits to increase the first pay rate to 95% and above.

Denials Prevention

Instead of focusing on denials fixing, we focus on denials' prevention, which helps practices collect more.

Less AR Days

By aggressive follow-up processes and payers adjudication knowledge, our team reduces AR days by 40%.


Our team remains up to date with ever-changing complex legislative mandates ensuring 100% compliance to avoid pre and post-payment audits.

Data Analytics

Business intelligent dashboards provides you with timely, meaningful financial analytics & customized billing reports that help you maximize financial performance.

Data Security

Your data is in safe hands with us. Our HIPAA-compliant facility and firewalls provide in-depth security to keep your data from prying eyes.

Numbers & Achievements

We did awesome work with business ethics.


Years of Experience


% First Pass Rate


% Revenue Increase


% Coding Compliance

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Medical Billing FAQs

Yes! We customize our medical billing services to meet your specific requirements, whether you have a small practice with just one provider or a large group of providers with multiple locations. We have the resources and technology in place to handle everything you send our way accurately.

We charge you only when you make money because our fee structure is based on a percentage model. We are able to reduce the turnaround time for your claims while simultaneously increasing their dollar amounts thanks to our innovative tools and expertise in medical billing. Consider our medical billing as an investment that will increase your profits rather than an expense.

We ensure that each account receives individualized attention by assigning medical billing specialists and an account manager to each account, who will provide regular reports.

We adhere to all software and IT compliance and HIPAA regulations. Every billing professional receives regular HIPAA training, and we ensure that PHI is protected. Additionally, we conduct a HIPAA audit every two months, and experts examine the reports.